Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I'm back!

Hey All,
 I'm back & running with this. I LOVE blogging and losing myself in positive thoughts, diy projects & my family. Here are some updates. :)

 Here I am. SUPER pregnant in March 2015. Waiting on the arrival of my beautiful second baby! Check out Rae Wade Photography. She was amazingly kind & sweet!

Isabella Knittel graced us with her presence March 23, 2015. I had an awesome experience & an entire blog post on my natural birth experiences will be coming up soon! 

As if this little face wasn't a handful.. I now am EXTREMELY busy with two! Photography by me! :) heheh 

Chris and I also had our FIRST house built! Another blog post to follow this one ;) 
Let's just say "holy paper work!" 

I recently took up photography and have fallen in LOVE with boudoir photography! The confidence, poise & natural beauty in us women seems to glow when we're in the spotlight & feeling beautiful! Nothing beats a little chocolate, sparkling cider, getting your hair done, make up done & feeling like a queen! All while I'm able to capture the beauty of that moment. 

& Here's our life now! 
The beautiful west coast on the gulf of mexico coast! 

This little one is her daddy's girl! They are the best of friends. To see a father & daughter bond is the most precious thing I've ever seen! 



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