Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Interesting ! Always Do your research !

I just wanted to look up my last name and do more research ! All this time I have told people "yeah i'm mexican" when in reality I'm ACTUALLY considered LATINA. My dad used to always tell me "you're of latin decent kiddo.." I'd be like huh? whatever that means.

 See below !

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Is the lastname MARTINEZ latin or mexican?

Martìnez is Spanish. The ez suffix in Spanish surnames means "son of." Most Spanish surnames with the ez suffix are of Visigothic origin - González, Gómez, López, Álvarez. But there are some which are based on Judeo-Christian names such as Ibáñez, son of Juán (John) and others such as Martínez which means son of Martin. Martin may be a variant of Marcial which comes from Mars the Roman god of war. In that sense Martinez is "Latin."

Most Mexicans have Spanish surnames. A real Mexican surname would be Moctezuma or Coyote.


What's the Difference between a MEXICAN and LATINO?

A Latino is somebody from Latin America. A Mexican is somebody from Mexico. Because Mexico is in Latin America Mexicans are latinos, but not all latinos are Mexicans. I should know this since I am Mexican-American.

ANSWERED BY: TORO77 on answerbag.com 

Interesting huh ! The most interesting part is understanding more about who you are and who your ancestors are. Also, having better knowledge and understanding of where you come from & what your roots are always is interesting. Plus ! You're learning something new! 

Short story... 

 I was never the type to care to learn more or figure out more beyond what people have ever told me,but since dating my smart & curious boyfriend Chris ! Who I've mentioned plenty I've realized I need to do my own research and get curious! Google things, read things, Figure things out ! When Chris and I first started dating I always thought "ugh you're so argumentative, and always having to research things bugs me,... " BUT ! In reality it was him wanting to know the answer & truth ! Wanting to argue something he believed in. Having an opinion. Something I love MOST ABOUT him now. Something I've picked up on over the course of dating him sometimes it gets me in trouble,but most the time it BENEFITS me ! I enjoy knowing and learning more now. I enjoy being more curious about things & when people say something that I may question I do my own research ! 


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