Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Some personal goals

1. Own a lifted black truck. I've always LOVED big trucks, i've loved the shiny black car look & the endless amount of space !An avalanche with pink shocks & some pretty big off road tires wouldn't hurt . Now only if the gas prices would go down. I'd like to get further than the local gas station in my new shiny truck.
2. Be an interior designer - Something i've always loved is INTERIOR DESIGN. Countless hours of HGTV, & the DIY network led me to my passion which i'll pursue when the time is right. As of now i'm doing things that have to do with it.. DIY home decor, Moving things around in my home ETC. 
I'd like to be the interior designer that's able to make over your home for a fraction of the cost because of my ability to restore anything, to make something, to take thrift store pieces and make them look high end. ETC

3. Achieve natural birth -  When i first heard this idea I thought to myself i'd never EVER be able to get through something like this,but also in the back of my mind I think to myself but countless numbers of other women have done it WHY cant i? My guess is it has to do with is understanding your body and it's pain tolerance. Now i can barely deal with "monthly" pain let alone contractions so this might be for child number 2 or 3. Who knows but at some point in time i'd like to at least try& achieve it & if i don't make it all the way through .. WELL at least i TRIED.

4. Plan a wedding - Most likely my own,but once again the media influenced me. Watching the movie 'wedding planner' starring J. lo was my ultimate favorite movie & still is ! I'd pass anything up on the tv to watch the wedding planner. I've looked into wedding planning and to me seems like a HUGE accomplishment. Most people are like throw together some chairs, tables, buy some cute dresses and call it a day! But there's more to it ..To me it's about the emotional road you go down while planning it. The relationships you build along the way. The Multi Tasking, The designing of it. The meaning of every little thing .. Example: Using RED because he gave you a red rose when you first met, Using bows around every chair because the bride absolutely loves them. making things because the bride loves DIY projects (heheh ok maybe just me) but to me attempting DIY'ing your wedding instead of buying everything adds a personal touch to your wedding .. I absolutely love the idea of planning a wedding and HOPE to one day .. 

Keep in mind i have so many more of this,but when i made this i tried using only four that instantly came to my mind ! And these were it :) 


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