Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Let me introduce myself :)

There's me on the right .. Obviously :) .. I'm a 22 year old, DIY lovin, family oriented, Girlfriend, Sister, hard working, animal lover who loves to blog, read blogs, design and try new things when it comes to DIY, organizing, and interior design. Pinterest and me have a pretty special relationship reason being why i do so many DIY projects and try new things around my home. I'm an aunt to the most amazing children ever & have so much love for my neiece and nephews! Being an aunt is definitely rewarding.

         Meanwhile to fill in my void of having no children of my own I have two awesome dogs named Marley (who my boyfriend adopted from my sister) & Pistol who I've had since he could fit into a cup holder. That's him down there & the second picture is both of my rats. 

Recently a kitten just let himself into my apartment this morning who is now known as KING around our house. & my dogs have developed a love/hate relationship for him/her IT in the past 4 hours. I love watching them get to know each other. 

Typically my days consist of working, more working OR days like today where i have a day off or three hehe.. OR spending time with my amazing boyfriend who is currently serving in the US airforce. He's my better half and i love him with all my heart <3 

Lateley I've taken up DIY projects, Designing, & organzing. All of which i've ALWAYS had my eye on but never new how to express it and through the power and holiness of pinterest i've been able to do so !! haha and sometimes i even come up with my own ideas :) 

I turned one of my dad's old t shirts into a racer back tee. Loved this one ! Which i found on pinterest

This is a make shift litter box for my new friend ;)

I love to organize ! Something i did at my job was organized & merchandised something we call "the cube" Which is where most people look first when they walk in ! 

Needless to say i was pretty proud of my work ! Too bad i couldn't get a before picture of my first idea which was HORRID ! But here's how it turned out ! 

Anyways, Thankyou for stopping by and STAY TUNED ! There's always something up my sleeve :) 


  1. I absolutely love your new blog!!! I also love that you took the best parts of me and made them your own. I hope you do go into interior design and make a successful career out of it. You are so talented. I love shabby chic and have always followed sites that use it. Turning something old into something new is one of my favorite things to do. I will stop by often and check out what you are doing. Love you, Grandma Jean

  2. Thankyou so much for the support grandma jean ! I love you and i'm always updating this just like facebook ! I absolutely love my new blog :) Keep checkin back !