Thursday, October 25, 2012

DIY: Window Screen ! Keeps you cool inside, out of the sun & it's hard to see through from the outside !

SO: Yes this is a pretty random one and you could probably find it more in detail on some other hardware site, but since I was able to do this instead of having someone come in and install them for me I wanted show you guys how EASY and effective this was !

                                                   What you'll need : 

  • Roller
  • Utility Knife
  • Measuring Tape 
  • Frames
  • Corners
  • Screen
  • Screening Spline 
So first of all I measured my window & then spent about 25-30 Mins Cutting the frame to size (Shown in picture #1) my window and added about an INCH to each side. Reason being I wanted it to fully cover my window and then have room to nail the Frame in.

Next, I used the 'corners' to connect all my pieces (Shown in picture #2) Make sure the corners fit snug and correctly. The corners are also a guide to make sure you have all the framing at the right angle  so it fits nice and level on the window itself.

Next you're going to roll out the screen you chose (Shown in picture 3# Bottom left) There are a few different screens to choose from. My favorite look is the black screen because I feel it has more of a shaded effect and let's a little bit of light in where as my dad's house has brown screen which totally blacks the room out as much as a screen could and almost has tighter stitching to keep sunlight out. Which is very hard to see into in the day or night. ----- Back to Business So once you have the screen rolled out you're going to want to have someone pull it tightly on the other end pulling away from you.

You're then going to start using your 'ROLLER' the screening spline into the grooves of the framing on top of the screen. (Picturing the frame laying down, spline going into grooves of frame which will be on the backside once hung up so it'll be hidden) (Shown in Picture #3 Bottom Left) So roll that in there and make sure you're doing it pretty tight and snug so there aren't any bubbles or waves in the screen. It'll be a sore to the eye once hung.

After doing so, You're going to take your utility knife and cut away the excess screen try not to damage it because you may be able to re use any left over screen depending on the size of the window. Once you've cut away the rest of the screen put to the side or store somewhere you'll remember so you can RE USE it !

And There Ya go ! You have a HOME MADE screen ! (shown in picture #4 Bottom right) Instead of having them made, Waiting for them to be made, Going to pick them up and paying someone to put them on YOU'VE just MADE IT YOURSELF !

ENJOY your new screen ! & stay cool and out of the sun in those HOT climates !

Clearly we're approaching cold season but, you could always put your screens on before winterizing your home !

Thanks for reading !


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