Friday, October 26, 2012

DIY: Ombre Hair ! Easy (For darker hair colors)

So As you can tell in my picture I attempted putting directions,but I'll kind of go through them a little more in detail on here ! 

So First of all you're going to want your hair DRY. Washed or not washed the day of it's up to you. It's usually better if you haven't just washed it because you're really going to wash it again once we're done here.

Second You're going to want to either grab hair dye which is LESS damaging to the hair or you can be a rebel and grab some bleach which is what I did,but don't get scared ! There's always repair treatments or in my case i used AUSSIE'S hair treatment. Which you see pictured below 

So now you're going to add You're bleach/Hair dye whatever your preference & Start basically running it through your hair. Be sure to brush it through then put some in again brush it through and add more. So it turns out even. Then Use some foils to cover the bleach if it's regular hair DYE i don't feel it's necessary,but it's completely up to you. 

Next let sit for about 30 Mins. ***BLEACH you're always going to want to keep your EYE on because it's damaging to the hair so if you see your hair becoming straw like or feeling weaker when you go to feel it take the foils out right away. Wash it. Condition it. Then try again in a week. Yep a week. You want to keep those beautiful locks of love. 

If in any case it feels fine then let's keep moving on. So after about 30 mins you should see some change in your hair. If not and your hair feels fine let sit another 5. 

Next take the foils off let your hair breath for 30 seconds and hop into the shower ! 

NOW:  While you're in there wash out all the bleach or hair dye you possibly can. 

Now take your conditioning treatment (Pictured above) is the one i use ! & it's my holy grail product ! Add your conditioning treatment and let sit for about 10 minutes! add a shower cap to lock in some heat ! Once it's been 10 minutes take cap off rinse off ! & hop out ! :) 

Now let air dry ! Style & there ya go ! Your beautiful locks of love have turned into beautiful locks of lighter color than the rest heheh .. 

I usually do one week treatments where every friday or saturday if I'm not satisfied with the color Ill keep lighting it. If i feel like it's being damaged I stop. That's very important ! You don't want your hair damaged anymore in this process. Also, Conditioning treatments are a MUST when doing this project ! 

BEFORE:                                                                     AFTER:  


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